December 5, 2013


The pink-facade-Cathedral  in Baguio City is one of the many must visits in the city. It was constructed way back in 1920 and completed sixteen years later.
The Cathedral otherwise known as Our Lady of Atonement can be reach via a hundred steps stone staircases  from the City's popular  street, Session Road.  Another way is without climbing the vertigo stairs is by the access road near the post office building.
Aside from the three front doors, devotees and visitors may enter at the doors located on each sides. Holy masses are celebrated in two languages namely: English, Tagalog and also in Ilocano dialect.

During the World War II, it did not only serve as a place of worship but also a place of refuge. Thousands of evacuees were relocated here but some of them perished due to bombing. Their remains was subsequently interred within the  Cathedral's grounds. 
One distinct feature of the cathedral aside form its color is the rose window also known as Catherine window and twin spires.  A rose window is a circular window that are usually found in Gothic architectural style churches.  In front of the sacred building is a large courtyard. Some parts are covered with benches. On one side is a mini park  featuring miniature local houses. Further down is a statue of Jesus on the Cross. 
This Roman Catholic Cathedral is easily the most visited  and photographed church and tourist spot  in Baguio, one reason maybe because of its location. It is just right above the famous Session Road, near the public market and bus terminal and some tourists spots.

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