March 2, 2013


Carnevale is an annual winter festival in Italy. It is celebrated  40 days before Easter. Celebrations includes parades, masquerade balls and parties for days with the finale on Martedi Grasso or Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday which is the start of Lenten season. 

 During the celebrations, that lasts for almost 2 weeks or more ,it is very common to see children in their costumes while throwing confetti to just anybody.
heavily-strewn with confetti street
In Acireale, they celebrated with parades of allegorical and flower floats. I can say that it is the grandest carnevale celebration in the region of Sicily.
 Mostly, if not all  of the allegorical floats were about Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti. It's a  no big secret that some Italians wants him out and the floats clearly showed it.
 Some floats were also made of flowers while others featured famous cartoon characters or legendary personalities.
 It was like a one big celebration with all the perfect ingredients: music, foods, parades, masks, and street party! 
teenagers dancing to Gangnam style
  Everybody indeed  had a good time regardless of age .. from infants to grown ups and  to young at hearts notwithstanding the cold weather.



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