January 14, 2013

DREAMS, PLANS, and HOPES for 2013 YEAR of the SNAKE

I am not really into horoscopes or any of that kind but  I've been hearing and reading  lately   that for someone who was    born on the year of the snake  will be lucky or perhaps luckier this year..Since I was born on a year of the snake therefore, this year is my lucky year!!


Late last year I was  contemplating on buying my own domain.I think owning a domain is a dream for any blogger or is it just me?.But because of the holiday seasons and an  unforeseen event that plan was put on hold. Just this week I was able to finally accomplished it.-- That's one dream that I'd hoped to be realized this year and it just did. Now,its time to focus on other agendas.

First, for my P.A.U.L.S. group, we are  organizing once again an outreach program for indigent students in Ilocos Sur.   Just like what we did before, we will be adopting a school where there are a high number of indigent students. As one of the organizers,it only means  another busy-days-ahead yet so fun and fulfilling. I do really  hope that our former High School batchmates will help and support us once more. I hope to equal or maybe surpass what we have accomplished two years ago.

 Personally , I  hope to stay fit and healthy always(not that I'm sickly)  so I can enjoy more of my trips and adventures. Not to mention, save up for future travel plans... Which  only means one thing to me, run more, exercise more so less visit to the Physical Therapist, that's a saving of 15euro per session. Ooops, there's one more, less shopping for more savings... With the yearly-month-long- winter sales on going right now that's a tough task for me!

As a blogger, I hope to update my blog website as often as I could. Less backlogs or better yet no backlogs at all..(I'm already working on that, geesh!)

As a traveller, though I'm living in Italy where the best city's in the world are at arms reach so to speak, there's something in me that  want to visit and explore Asian countries especially the  southern part of the Philippines, Mindanao.I would love to see and be mesmerized by its natural wonders and beautiful beaches. I really hope to realize this dream of mine if not this year then maybe next year would be fine.

And lastly, my ultimate dream as a travel blogger  is to backpack around the world.I'm sure it will not be happening any time soon but who knows I will really get lucky this year.... **fingers cross and wide grin**

                                  I DREAM, I PLAN,I HOPE = MIE'S ADVENTURES

This is my entry to Pinoy Travel Blogger's Blog Carnival  for  January 2013  hosted by Roj Braga of The Adventures of Anventuroj with the theme "New Beginnings"


  1. You live in Italy - wow! That's part of my bucket list. May your dream adventures become reality! =)

  2. Thanks Claire!.... Let's meet up when you come here :)


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