September 11, 2014


Every early morning,  Mui Ne's fishing harbor   becomes busy of the fishermen's catch of the day. 
The said harbor is popularly known as the fishing village. This is where most if not all of the fishing boats are moored. Do take note that the village changes location depending on what season. 
A visit to the fishing village is a great way to see and observe how the locals do  on their day to day affairs.  Witness how they transfer their catch from the colorful bigger boats to the shore  using  the smaller basket boats. It was my first time to actually see a round basket boats.   Notice too  that the  women still wears their traditional cone shape hats. 
Once  unloaded , they would segregate the fishes accordingly and have it ready for delivery.  I observed that they don't only catch fishes but also shellfishes. Some of the discarded shells and clams were scattered all over the place. 
The  place becomes a real market every morning complete with makeshift stalls selling drinks and  ready to eat foods. It also serves as a fish  drying area.
dried fish
  To see it for yourself, you must be up very early. Sometimes transactions are all done at just  7:30 in the morning.

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September 8, 2014


If there's one thing that Mui Ne is known for aside from its beaches is  non other than the red sand dunes. Locally called as Doi Cat, its color is actually orange.
 The red dunes is just a couple of  kilometers away from the tourist strip. To go here  ,you may  rent motorbike  or take the public bus that goes to Mui Ne market and ask the conductor to drop you off at the huge traffic  roundabout,   it's a  just few meters away from here.  Of course, the most expensive way is to take a taxi cab but then you are assured that you get there without getting lost. 
Due to its popularity, locals have put up all sorts of businesses. Even children joined the bandwagon, they have plastic slides for rent. They sometime (or all the time according to some travel forums) pester tourists to rent slides from them.  Some sell bottled water and softdrinks right at the dunes. But what really caught my attention was the hammocks that are for rent.
hammocks for rent, anyone?

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August 22, 2014


One of Mui Ne's pride is the fairy stream located in Ham Tien.  

This two kilometer river stream runs through rock boulders, bamboos and the the famous reddish dunes. 

Because of its amazing rock formations, they sometime calls this as the miniature grand canyon.

Finding the stream is so easy ,it is beside a fish sauce factory. Most hotels, if you are billeted ,  offer free ride to the area. From the main road there is a huge signage of the Fairy Stream.  Just  follow the narrow path. You won't get lost because there is only one entrance and exit going down the stream . You know you are on the right spot when you see the signage for shoe keeping for a small fee. (pic 6244,  6133, 6231)

The water is very shallow with the deepest part at 1 meter.  Along the way you will encounter local children offering to accompany you until the end of the stream. They will also guide you and lead you further from the stream's deepest part. But be prepared to give them tip after.  
 At the end of the stream is a small water falls. There are two ways to get there I call it  Up and Down: Down, continue walking through the stream until you reach the falls . Up,  follow the children and they will lead you to out of the stream  pass through some    houses and   in between plants and  coconut trees. This  is just above the stream though.
 We took the "out of the way"  route and this is what we saw: 

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